Once the job has been created in Sage 50 Accounting Job Costing: DuringYou can apply an employee’s salary to up to 30 different jobs.

For hourly employees, you can apply hours worked to a job. For salaried employees, you can apply amounts to a job.

To do so, select the Jobs button from the toolbar of the Payroll Entry window. On the Labor Distribution to Jobs window, you can specify the hours and amounts that should be applied to jobs. For Payroll Data Entry looks for the ‘job’ button icon:

Step by Step Instructions follow:

From the Tasks menu, select Payroll Entry. Sage 50 displays the Payroll Entry window. Enter or select the employee ID. To display a list of existing employees, type? in the Employee ID field or select the drop-down button. Select the Jobs button. Sage 50 displays the Labor Distribution to Jobs window. Select the Job field beside the type of salaried or hourly work the employee did on this particular job (Salaried, Bonus, Commission, and so on). Enter or select the Job ID to which you want to apply hours (for hourly employees) or an amount (for salaried employees). To display a list of existing jobs, type? in this field, or select the drop-down button. Enter values in the Amount field as follows: For hourly employees, enter the hours worked for each job. Don’t forget to use a decimal. The Amount field displays a running subtotal of the hours charged to this job. For salaried employees, enter the portion of this employee’s salary that should be charged to the job. Only the hourly and salaried fields that have amounts entered for them in the Payroll entry window are displayed. Repeat steps 5 and 6 as many times as necessary for this employee. Then select OK to save your entries or Cancel to cancel. Finish entering the payroll information for this employee as usual.

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