Job Costing For Sage 50 – Support And Training

When you are ready to do more than just basic Job Costing with Sage 50. Once your job has been set up in Sage 50 and you are ready to invoice your customers and record the revenue to the job costing reports:

During Customer Sales Invoice Data Entry on the line item in the ‘job’ field which is the last field on each line item.

Select the job and the phase and/or cost code to which this transaction applies. To do so

  • In the Job field, click the folder button to display a drop-down list of available jobs, phases, and cost codes (if the job uses them).
  • Click the folder for the job you want to apply these costs too. This will display the list of phases.
  • Click the folder for the phrase you want. This will display the list of cost codes if there are cost codes associated with the phase you selected.
  • Click the cost code you want to select, if necessary. This will close the list of jobs and select that particular job, phase, and cost code.

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