First, set up your Sage 50 Job to get job costing IDs available during transaction entry. Use this procedure to set up a new job record:

  1. Click the Jobs navigation aid in the Customers & Sales Navigation Center and select New Job.
  2. Sage 50 displays the Maintain Jobs window.
  3. Enter a new job ID and complete the necessary job information. You can use the Setup Advisor located on the right-hand side of the screen as a guide.
  4. In Sage 50 Complete Accounting and higher, select the Use Phases to track jobs in more detail check box if you want to use phases for this job. You can access this option later if you are undecided at this time.
  5. If you want to enter another job, click Save and New. Otherwise, click Save and close the window

Next, we will post how to record your vendor accounts payable invoices, customer sales invoices, and payroll hours to get the expenses allocated to the job.

Finally, we review how to report on Sage 50 job costing.

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