Error: “No email program or default profile could be found. For more information or to configure Webmail in Sage 50, select Email Setup from the Maintain Menu.”

If you get this error message when trying to send emails from Sage 50 and have followed Sage 50 support article KB79917 without being able to resolve the issue and/or if you find that the windows SendTo->emailRecipient option when right-clicking a file also does not work, use the following steps:

  • Ensure Outlook is set as the default Mail client
  • Close Outlook
  • For 32-bit versions of Outlook…
    • Delete Msmapi32.dll located C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\system\MSMAPI\1033\
  • For 64-bit versions of Outlook…
    • Delete Msmapi32.dll located C:\Program Files\Common Files\system\MSMAPI\1033\
  • Run fixmapi.exe
  • Open Outlook (Outlook will replace & register the Msmapi32.dll and then open).
  • Try the “Send To > Mail Recipient” again.

Apparently, Windows updates or other issues can blow the MAPI program connection, and they’ve had this fix program in the Windows\System32 folder at least since Windows 98.

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